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Sinfree Makoni

Sinfree Makoni

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and African Studies

305 Sparks Building
Office Phone: (814) 863-2431


Dr. Makoni was the Dubois-Mandela-Rodney Fellow at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. He is a native of Southern Africa, did his undergraduate work in Ghana and received his Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He has extensive professional experience in Southern Africa, including Chair of Linguistics at the University of the Western Cape and associate Professor of language and literature at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was former president of the Southern African Applied Linguistics Association and an Executive Board member of the International Applied Linguistics Association and the co-chair of African Applied Linguistics and Literacy. He researches in a number of areas: the socio-historical construction of colonial linguistics and postcolonial urban languages, anthropological approaches to health and Aging in multilingual communities, police communication, discourses of militarization and terrorism and sociolinguistics of Arabic. Dr. Makoni's recent co-edited books include: Black scholars on Black languages: problems and possibilities, (London: Routledge 2002). Ageing in Africa: Sociolinguistic and Anthropological Approaches( London:Ashgate 2002), Freedom and Discipline: Essays in Applied Linguistics from Southern Africa, Bahri, India (2001), Language and Institutions in Africa, (Cape Town: Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society in Africa (2000)), Improving Teaching and Learning in Higher Education in southern Africa. (Johannesburg, Witwatersrand University Press,2000), Disinventing and Reconstituting languages. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters 2007). Sinfree Makoni has written monographs addressing colonial and postcolonial language policies in Zimbabwe and the Sudan.

Courses Taught:

  • *AFR/APLING XXX: Multilingualism, National Security and African Development
  • *AFR XXX: Culture, Mental Health, and Human Development in Africa
  • *AFR 536: Kinship and Social Practices in Africa