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Model African Union

What is the Model African Union?

The International Model African Union (MOAU) conference is a simulation of the proceedings of the African Union, held at HowardAFR student at Model African Union University in Washington, DC, every year from Thursday through Sunday during the last week of February. The conference is designed for university and college students drawn from across the nation, with each school representing one of the fifty-four African countries. It provides a unique opportunity for university and college students to study the role, structure and performance of the African Union in the search for solutions to key economic, social and political-security issues facing the African continent. Through simulation, augmented by briefings at African Embassies in Washington, DC, students gain a better understanding of the multi-various determinants, capabilities and constraints that shape the domestic and foreign policies of African countries as well as the patterns of cooperation and conflict that characterize intra-African diplomacy. The Conference draws about 400-600 students from across the nation, with each school avidly committed to representing their assigned country and its position on the various African socio-economic, political, and cultural concerns.

Student Participation & Eligibility

Penn State has been participating in the National Model African Union conference since 1997. (Click here to watch the video we made from the 2013 African Union Conference). All Penn State students are eligible for selection to participate in the National Model African Union conference. However, they must also be either majors or minors in the College of The Liberal Arts and must have taken at least one African Studies course, preferably AFR 110: Contemporary Africa or AFR 192: Modern African History, to acquaint themselves with the nature of the African society, its political structures, cultures and the African economy. They must also be ready to attend pre-conference meetings organized by the Faculty Advisor, Dr. Clemente Abrokwaa, beginning in the Fall semester each year until the departure time for the conference in late February. The African Studies Program strongly encourages its Majors and Minors to participate in the Model AU conference, to add the practical component to their classroom knowledge of their studies on Africa.

For more information please visit The Model African Union Conference website.

Model African Union Advisor:

Interested students may contact the Penn State Model African Union Faculty Advisor, Dr. Clemente Abrokwaa in the African Studies Program for more information at:

Office Address: 213 Willard
Office Phone: 814-865-5257